10 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas for The Cheap and Hip

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DIY giftsSome inexpensive and creative gift ideas for your family. A nice change from the usual suspects.

Instead of spending all of your holiday time, and cash, fighting through the mall, put on some tunes or your favorite holiday movie and get cracking on some of these awesome gift ideas. You don’t have to be crafty – or broke! – to see why giving from the heart can also mean giving someone a surprising break from the ordinary, and a present they might never forget.

And as an added bonus, you can do all of these things as a family and create memories not only for the person receiving the gift, but for you and your family as well. What could be better?

Here are ten gift ideas to get you started:

1. Homemade Truffles are unbelievably easy to make and once you have a basic recipe (here’s a good one) you can add your own personal flare. Add a few drops of peppermint, raspberry extract or sprinkle on a little bit of sea salt to put your unique stamp on this holiday favorite.

2. Go bulk! Buy a whack of something lovely (sea salt, loose leaf tea, coffee beans, herbs, honey, mixed dried flowers,) and some small containers to throw it in and make little decorative jars of yummy to share with your friends. You can even look for deals on large jugs of bubble bath, lotion, or blocks of soap that can be portioned out and make inexpensive gift baskets for all the lucky people on your list.

3. Re-gifting is usually pretty a bad idea. Ask yourself why you don’t want to keep this thing in the first place. But there are times when it is most appropriate. If someone buys you golf gear, but your brother is the sporty nut, then there’s nothing wrong with passing along a re-gift if you know they’ll love. Use this tip at your own risk!

4. Hang a memory. If you still have a holiday decoration or tree ornament from your past (and it has to be a really special one with a story or memory to share with it,) wrap it up in a lovely box with a heartfelt note. You can only pass this gift on to someone who either loves holiday decorations, or you, very, very much.

5. Burn a DVD – or your whole library! – for your film buff friends. This is a great time to showcase your Mario Bava collection, your vast array of obscure Japanese anime, or cheer up your bummed out emotional buds with an all comedy line-up. You just need a stack of burnables, a small CD binder and some time on your hands.

6. Craft time! Search YouTube or Threadless for DIY tutorials; pull out knitting needles, dust off that sewing machine and get to work. If you’re a sewing/knitting noob, stick to the easy projects (trust me, they’ll love it) like scarves, pot holders, aprons or tree ornaments. More advanced DIYers can show off their creative side by making trendy must-haves like scoodies, pixie hoods and arm warmers.

7. Provide a service. This works especially well with over-strained couples who could use a night on the town while you watch their unruly children. You can also offer to walk dogs, plant a garden, whatever your specialty. Chances are, someone in your life needs a break. Time is priceless!

8. T Shirts! You don’t need to scour eBay or trip out to your local craft store to get t shirt transfers anymore. Now popular at office supply stores like Staples carry transfer paper you can use with you inkjet printer. Buy a pack of t shirts (or pick some up at Goodwill) and get cracking on some designs. Use Google to search for your friend’s favorite band logo, a screen grab of your mom’s favorite True Blood vamp or a map of your dad’s next travel spot. Print, cut, transfer. T shirt!

9. It has to be said: a handmade photo album with your personal touch will still knock your family’s socks off. The idea always seems too easy to pull off but, think about it, if you have ever received a little bundle of pictures-from-the-past, whether in a scrapbook, frame or picture box, you’ll remember why this heart-stopping gift is always a winner. Perfect with a homemade hankie for possible outpourings of emotion.

Add personal item to step it up a notch like any newspaper clipping you might have, certificates https://nameastarlive.com or awards, anything that connects you and them are great additions.

10. Support other DIY entrepreneurs and visit etsy or your local artist market for hundreds of great deals and creative gift ideas for all your special someones.


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