Dealing with The Pressure Dads Face

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being a dad not easyPressures that a dad can encounter in making sure to achieve his goal as a father.

Today’s dad catches it from all sides. It is tough to keep our eyes on our main goal. I believe that as a father, my main goal is to discipline my child to love God and others. This is for me is the meaning of pursuing the right goal as a father.

How are you handling the pressures you face? Here is a list of the different kinds of pressures a dad will encounter in pursuing the right goal as a father:

1. Career Pressure

Many of us have the same commitment to our job as workers did thirty years ago, yet we have become much more aware of the importance of our commitment to our families. So we try to work hard to advance in our career while attending Boy Scout meetings, little league games and important school activities of our children.

2. Temptation Pressure

Most men see more than a thousand of advertisements and billboards each day, all of which insist their product has the key to happiness. Sexual images are splashed on everything from billboards to newspapers. Scores of catalogue entice us to buy things we don’t need to please people we don’t like. No matter what we have, we always lack the one more thing.

3. Technological Pressure

If you had bought a house thirty years ago, the last round of negotiations to finalize a contract might have taken several weeks since everything had to be done by mail. Today, three or four rounds of changes can take place in several hours through the use of faxes, e-mail messages, and the internet. Most men face technological pressure every day from voice mail, cell phones, beepers, and email. Some businessmen are expected to respond to five hundred or more e-mail messages a week.

4. Money Pressure

Compared to the standards of a hundred years ago or to current Third-World countries, almost every working dad is wealthy. With these riches comes the ability to make choices. We decide where we want to live, what kind of car to drive, the type of furniture we will own, the leisure activities we will enjoy, which of almost fifty types of junk food we will eat, where we will go for vacation, and on and on. Ironically, more choice brings not only more freedom but more pressure as well. Paying off debt, keeping up with the “Jones” and even stop foreclosure Houston.

5. Relational Pressure

Most of us live in a neighborhood with one set of people, work with another set, play sports or engage in hobbies with others, and go to church with yet another group. With today’s fragmented lifestyles, it’s not easy to develop and maintain lasting and meaningful relationships or to keep up with every one if we try.

What pressure do you have? What pressure do you face? What has God already done for you that could free you up? It is just a short reminder to all the dads working so hard in life.

Pressures will always be there but we should not let time slip through our finger without having spent some time with those who really matter to us, those close to our hearts. Always remember to share our time to our children and family. Always remember that pressures will always be there. It is the way we react on those pressures that will make a difference.

Always remember that our family will be affected so much if we will be pressured by the different kind of pressures a dad’s face.

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