Being Frugal in a Rich World

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not letting society control youLearn to ignore society’s pull on your pocketbook.

We are bombarded by media, advertising and shopping malls. Our programming is to think of spending as a part of life.

If you spend your money, then you are fully using your life, and if you’re too frugal, you’re wasting your life.

However, if you speak to anyone who is financially independent, successful and stable, they will seem to be living quite peacefully and happily without spending all of their money.

Let’s explore the psychology of spending and saving, and how to accomplish this:

Cutting out the Hype. Everywhere you look, people want more, more and even more. But does anyone use their eleven handbags? And do the masses quite use up all of their resources before throwing them out to buy new ones?

Rich and successful people don’t necessarily buy a brand new television set every year. They may have the latest technology, but not because they are addicted to the hype.

They know what “they” deem to be important, regardless of what the media and society says. Examine yourself, and look at what you may feel that you “should” have according to everyone else, but what you can most definitely do without.

For example, giving your loved one a proper burial is one thing, but spending a ton of extra money for funeral flights just to be able to say that you got to go to space is really extreme and a waste of resources.

Food. Get more bang for your buck by acquiring cost-effective foods. High-carb, high-density foods, such as potatoes, spaghetti, and really good meat, are great fillers, and provide your body with extra nutrition.

Don’t spend your money on cheap, processed foods like Twinkies and donuts, which won’t give your body any nutrition, and very soon, you will be feeling hungry again…when your money has already been spent.

House. Let’s face it; nobody can live a simple, wholesome life when their home is untidy, dirty or filthy. Examine WHY you may be a horder, and remember that hording stuff is the same as eating food for comfort. It provides an extra, false layer of security that seems like it fixes things, but which only adds to lack of personal responsibility.

Keep your house well-scrubbed, keep your stuff down to the minimum, bare needs, and decorate your home with simple, clean lines and minimalistic décor. This alone will take away stress and help you to be more frugal.

Relationships. Work on your relationships and feel like a million dollars. A lot of spenders are replacing bad relationships with shopping and getting “stuff.” Instead, work on your family and friend relationships, give yourself boundaries and enforce them, and learn to be a loving, kind individual.

Hand-written notes, verbal encouragement, and hand-made gifts are all wonderful ways to show your loved ones you care about them, and they don’t involve spending money.

Cut out the Unnecessary. Go through your finances and look at all of your bills. Remember, society may be dictating what you spend your money on, instead of you taking personal responsibility for your spending. If you can’t afford cable television, drop it. If you can’t afford text messaging, drop that, too.

I know it may seem ridiculous, but you should be completely in control of your finances, not the other way around! After you cut your spending down to the necessities, including groceries, if you have extra left over, you can indulge in a luxury or two.

Remember, society is the master of your life only if you allow it to be. You are the true creator of what does and does not happen in your world.

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